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What people say about my writing:

“Passion Economy pioneer” “The authoritative voice in the space”

“Essential reading for anyone building a community in the next 10 years”

“The best thinker out there on the future of being a creator on the internet.”

“The Queen-maker of passion economy startups”

This newsletter is penned by Li Jin, founder and Managing Partner at Atelier, an early-stage VC firm. It features observations about the world through the lens of startups and consumer tech.

I cover topics including:

  • The Passion Economy: How people can make a living from their passions and creative skills
  • Consumer trends & analysis: How macro trends are impacting consumers’ lives and work

Here is some of my past writing:

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Follow me on Twitter @ljin18 or email me at li@atelierventures.co. I’m also a creator myself! A small slice of my art portfolio is at li-jin.co/art.

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